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Claire AshbyToday I’m interviewing Claire Ashby, author of the debut novel WHEN YOU MAKE IT HOME. It’s a love story about a wounded warrior and a pregnant bookstore owner…only the baby isn’t his.

I asked Claire her feelings on being a “real” writer now that she has her first book published.

Becoming a Real Writer

Since the release of my debut novel, WHEN YOU MAKE IT HOME, I’m often asked when I started writing. My first response is to discuss when I began writing that novel, but I also have the infamous drawer novel. Then I get to thinking about the stories I worked on while I was pregnant with my children. I never count those, because they were in a spiral notebook and I wasn’t serious about those stories. I only wrote for me.

And before that, years before that, I had another project, but again, I didn’t take myself seriously. The concept of being a published writer seemed too far away and dreamy, so I wouldn’t dare tell anyone I wrote novels, and I most definitely wouldn’t call myself a writer.

And even before that, can I tell you what I did? I wrote an epic book series. Trust me, it was fantastic. But it was all in my head. I had worlds mapped out. Conflict, plot, desire, resolution. It was all there…in my imagination. However my imagination wasn’t so big I could believe I was a REAL writer.    When-You-Make-It-Home-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

What is a real writer?

Here’s the truth: If you have a story to tell, it doesn’t matter if you believe you can be a writer or not. Just tell the story. Put it on paper and don’t think about reality. Don’t worry about what happens along the way; just keep writing the story.

Trust me. It’ll be epic.


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