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Heart of Stone-Desert Heat

Falling in love was never part of his plan…

desert_sceneForced to retire from the NFL after an injury and wary of women interested only in his celebrity and wallet, Beau finds Professor Elizabeth Hunter’s indifference to his former career refreshing…and exciting.  He has already laid a trap to force her to lead him to the burial place of Apache Chief Cochise where he plans to steal a sacred relic.  Now he lays a sweeter snare…an offer that he has no idea will result in Beth stealing his heart.

Widowed at an early age, Beth has always led a careful life, one containing lists and check marks next to her academic achievements.  But there’s nothing careful about her immediate attraction to Beau, and soon that initial spark of lust is sizzling out of control.

So when James “Beau” Beauregard agrees to fund the University’s expedition as long as he goes along for the ride, she has no choice but to lead him into the mountains, despite her misgivings about the playboy-turned-archeologist.

But the rules of the game will change when she falls for him and realizes that the real treasure doesn’t lie underground.

Finding Precious-Second Chance Series

Pharmacist Luke Taylor is stuck in tiny Precious, Michigan, resuscitating his license and his life after the nurse he became obsessed with cut a deal with the DEA and hung him out to dry.  He ended up busted for drug diversion and entered the Michigan State Board of Pharmacy’s rehabilitation program.   Luke has a rehab plan that includes finishing his probation, clearing his name, and then shaking the sand of the tiny Great Lakes town from his shoes on his way to anywhere else.

Too bad being nearly run over by the newest addition to the pharmacy team at Precious Memorial Hospital makes road-kill out of those plans.  He calls her Crash but he might as well call her hands-off.  Easy-peasy is his middle name.  He doesn’t do relationships.

Luke is the last man Emma Simpson should be attracted to.  He’s the stud to a whole string of girl-muffins, and she’s sworn never to get involved with his kind again.  She left behind everything she loved in Texas to escape when her live-in went postal and she landed in the hospital.  Now she wants peaceful and secure and safe…exactly what she remembers most about the little resort town where she spent summers as a child.

Both have vowed never to be vulnerable again.  Of course, never  frequently arrives when one least expects it.

When a threat from the past rear-ends the present, can Luke and Emma learn to trust again?

Because for each of them, it’s all or nothing.

Works in Progress:

In the Stone- Book 2 in the Desert Heat Series

Beau and Beth continue their search for the hidden tomb of Chief Cochise in the Arizona mountains, never suspecting that danger lurks just behind them.  After Beth is shot and Beau is forced to admit the love he has for her, he is ready to give up his quest for treasure.  But Beth is sure she knows where the tomb lies and she’ll allow no one to sabotage her life’s work—even Beau.

Beau is ready to confess his plan to steal a relic from Cochise’s tomb and call it all even when the odds look stacked against them.  Instead, he must follow Beth to protect her and draw out whoever wants her dead.  Once the tomb is opened and he whisks Beth off to his California vineyard, he relaxes his guard.

And is once again blindsided by a danger that may destroy them both.

Saving Precious-Book 2 in The Second Chance Series

Chase Parker left his hometown of Precious, Michigan vowing never to fall in love again after losing Emma to the kind of bad boy he’s always tried not to be.  He’s tired of always being the best man and never the bridegroom.  But after three years in Colorado and a phone call from home, he returns—Dressed in biker black, riding a Harley and determined not to stay any longer than he has to.

Penny Wilder loved the shy boy who was her first in high school…at least till Dan Wilder moved to town.  She dropped Chase Parker like a hot potato, married the football quarterback, had two kids and then divorced the cheater—all because she wanted out of Precious.  Now she’s moved back, running a business and vowing she’ll never be with anyone who won’t commit…until her desire for the man Chase has become makes her break all her own rules.

Can first love be reignited?

Or is Chase right when he claims Penny only wants him because he’s now the bad boy in town?