Hop on back to Pistol Rock, Texas for more of Deputy Laney Briggs and her hot Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson….You won’t want to miss this scorcher!!


The only rules she follows are her own…Wherever deputy Laney Briggs goes, trouble always follows behind–except when Laney is the trouble. Right now, Laney is on the hunt for her not-so-bright cousin, who is wanted for gun smuggling. But there’s a sexy, hot-assed Texas Ranger on the same case, and Laney would bet her britches (and everything else she’s wearing) that Gunner Wilson knows something she doesn’t. It just requires a bit of sexy espionage…

Gunner knows all too well just how damned distracting Laney and her little red cowboy boots can be. The pure, unadulterated want between them has never been stronger–and Gunner can’t resist making her crazy. But even as she gives into every carnal craving for Gunner, Laney is determined to get her answers, one mind-meltingly hot night at a time. The only question is whether she’ll be ready for the truth…


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